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NewMoscowTaxi, потому что..."

 Обслуживание на новых автомобилях марки Mercedes-Benz и Hyundai только собственного парка.
 Обслуживание на минивэнах и микроавтобусах представительского класса марки Mercedes-Benz
 Предоставление автомобилей в аренду с водителем.
 Заказ легкового автомобиля и подача - бесплатно.
 Все пассажиры на время поездки застрахованы.
 Можно заказать любой вид автотранспорта.
 Водители такси- настоящие профессионалы.

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Аэропорты и Ж/Д вокзалы


Information display of the airports and Ry stations of Moscow


Компания предлагает воспользоваться нашей новой услугой: поездки в аэропорт и из аэропорта на автомобилях Мерседес Бенц Е класса W212 2014 г.в. по рекордно низкой цене - 1500 руб.* ! Для этого Вам всего лишь необходимо оформить и оплатить онлайн-заказ на нашем сайте. Данное предложение действует при единовременном оформлении трансферов в аэропорт и из аэропорта.

Мы гарантируем Вам комфорт и безопасность в салонах наших автомобилей!

В какой из аэропортов вы хотите поехать:

Внуково Шереметьево Домодедово

Corporate actions, taxi in the airport, a car rent with the driver

The taxi order in Moscow

Company NewMoscowTaxi offers taxi services in Moscow — the taxi order, a taxi call, the taxi order in the airport. You can make the order (call) of a taxi at any time, after all at us a round-the-clock taxi. Taxi phone: (495) 929-22-22

Company NewMoscowTaxi offers you the sight at luxe-class service: magnificent cars, high quality drivers and many pleasant trifles in a way.

Be going to go on affairs or on a visit? Indulge itself with pleasant automobile walk by a taxi from NewMoscowTaxi. At the appointed o'clock of a taxi will wait for you at an entrance. The driver will accurately ship luggage and will open a door, inviting "aboard": today the captain here - you. On road it is possible to watch TV, listen to favourite radio station or simply thoughtfully to behold the beauty-moskvu from a window of silent soft salon of a taxi... For full comfort in salon your personal "weather" will be created.

Pay attention: cars NewMoscowTaxi are not similar to a traditional taxi (are absent "shashechki" and other symbolics) - we keep their natural shape that you could enjoy atmosphere of rest and comfort which is characteristic vpervuju turn for a privately owned vehicle. Driver NewMoscowTaxi is your personal assistant, it will render you assistance in the decision of any question within the limits of its competence.

Company NewMoscowTaxi park consists of new cars of known brands. At your order cars of such marks, as Mercedes-Benz W212, Mercedes-Benz W221, Hyundai Solaris.

All cars are insured under programs KASKO and OSAGO, including insurance of passengers upon accident. For forthcoming travel you can choose the car. Each car is equipped by satellite system of navigation which will help the driver to find quickly an optimum variant of a detour in case of a stopper on the necessary direction.

Pay attention:giving of automobile (taxi) of the car free of charge.

Frequently to reach from one end of Moscow in another – business at some o'clock, after all the city very big and to be guided in it difficultly enough. And if on stopper roads? And if you not too well know district? And if you hurry up on the important meeting, and you in no event cannot be late?

In such situation services of a taxi from company NewMoscowTaxi can become the best exit for you. All taxi drivers perfectly are guided in Moscow and can take the passengers in any point in the shortest terms.

Often in NewMoscowTaxi call a taxi in the airport, for example, if the customer could not be met in a city. Order a transfer in the airport also because to go for MKAD on the car not too reasonably, and it is better to call a taxi and to leave in advance, for certain to arrive to the airport in time. Or, for example, if you have decided to descend in theatre or on a concert, the taxi call will help you to reach in theatre in time and with the maximum convenience. Company NewMoscowTaxi constantly improves the service and quality of service of a taxi. In company NewMoscowTaxi to you will give also flexible system of discounts, and a round-the-clock taxi. Besides, if you become the constant client of the company, you can count what your orders of a taxi will be carried out as much as possible accurately and carefully, but also concerning all clients employees of the company try to show a care and diligence maximum.

To carry out the taxi order, you need to address only to dispatchers, to specify the site, and all the rest – already work of experts of company NewMoscowTaxi. Skilled dispatchers and managers, competent drivers will take care of that you have reached destination in time and with the maximum convenience. A separate theme for conversation are cars which are used as a taxi. Here you will not find old and "beaten by a life" cars because the taxi from NewMoscowTaxi is always new cars, accurate and benevolent drivers, and it and is pledge of a successful trip. With company NewMoscowTaxi you can not worry, if your car under repair or nobody to meet you at the airport – we will always take care of that your trips across Moscow did not bring any inconveniences. So, when it is necessary for you to a taxi, Moscow with its difficult roads assumes experience, literacy and professionalism of drivers – and we all it offer you in company NewMoscowTaxi.

Car rent

Company NewMoscowTaxi gives a car rent from an average to a business class of leading world manufacturers, both for physical, and for legal bodies.
Each person has possibility of a choice of the car depending on demanded conditions and quantity of transported people. There are cars both for trips for two, and for corporate departures on 5-11 the person.
The car rent offers following advantages:
- Possibility of a choice of the car of a demanded class;
- Possibility of independent management, choice of a route of movement and style of driving;
- At departure on business negotiations for the conclusion of contracts and signing of contracts the car of a representation class considerably will raise your status and reliability as future partner;
- Appointment and romantic trip to the girl will raise your estimation from its party and will leave the brightest impressions;
- Daily hire is is more economic in the ratio with taxi rent, and possibility of monthly hire and more gives the chance receptions of the special price;
- Constant clients have possibility to receive in hire more high-class car under the former price.
All given cars have run to 80000 km that guarantees their high enough reliability. Company NewMoscowTaxi guarantees technical serviceability, the cleanliness, completely filled tank of any car given in hire.

Besides passenger transportations by automobile motor transport, NewMoscowTaxi offers you following services:

  • "The order luxe-class minibuses"

  • Delivery to the specified address of business mail, gifts, colours, etc."

  • "The sober driver"

  • "The organisation of meetings and wires at stations and the airports"

  • "Trips on a city and area (including excursions)"

  • "The order of passenger buses"

  • "Long-distance passenger transportations"

  • "Loader"

Pay attention: Now you can pay off for a trip by means of a plastic card (in a taxi business and premium a class).

Also, company NewMoscowTaxi offers you luxe-class minibuses of mark Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 515 CDI, executed under the order, specially for our company. Having ordered in us a comfortable minibus, you will provide for yourselves the ideal decision connected with realisation of business trips, transfers in the airport, corporate actions, excursions, and also service of weddings and solemn actions..


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